Slap Silencer
The Slap Silencer (slapsilencer) was developed by Jeff Andersen of Anson Sailmakers to eliminate the wave slapping noise that is prevalent in sailboats with Aft Staterooms. Jeff Anderson experienced this annoying slap first hand while sleeping aboard his Hunter Passage 42, which is typical of other aft cabin sailboats or modern wide transom sailboats.

Aft Cabin Sailboat Noise
This Slapping sound can be bothersome when sleeping in an aft cabin sailboat. The Slap Silencer has been shown to eliminate transom slap and to drop the wave noise in the aft cabin from 70 decibels to 10 decibels.

Wave slapping noise
This wave slapping noise, which is caused by waves slapping under the transom is prevalent in sailboats that have, reverse transoms, aft cabins, or sugar scoop sterns. The excessive wave noise caused by this transom slap can result in many sleepless nights in a noisy aft cabin.

If you want to reduce aft cabin wave noise, then you need to buy the Slap Silencer from Anson Sails.