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"I dont know who designed it, but he (or she) is a genius. Light, well made, and IT WORKS!! I slept like a baby last night even with 25 knots of wind right on the transom!"
-Bob K.

"I think this should be offered as standard equipment on most new boats... I want to congratulate you on an excellent product."
-Alex M.

"It's the best $200 I spent on my boat."
-Bob W.

"...I purchased the product for my Hunter '42 Passage. Since I have had nothing but positive experiences, I felt the need to compliment your idea as well as the workmanship, Hoping more sailers would take advantage of this product. It really works well. It definately exceeded my expecations!"
-Erik V.

"...I saw your ad for the Slap Silencer...I ordered one immediately. That weekend I installed the silencer before turning in for the night. We were amazed at the quietness. No more slap!"
-Walter and Corinne S.

"I have to admit I was skeptical. Its amazing! It really works! Thanks!"
-David and Karen L.

"It's kind of a 'perverse comfort'. If it works, you dont know that it works, because there is no slap...Now, if we could get a snore silencer..."
-Wynn F.