Waves Keeping you Awake at night?

Annoying you while docked or at a mooring?

Slap Silencer

The noise of waves slapping the hull is downright annoying and so we have created a revolutionary advance in the comfort and pleasure of boating.

Eliminate wave slapping

fits snugly on the hull

The Slap Silencer is constructed of lightweight closed-cell foam with a rugged nylon exterior.  The silencer fits snugly on the hull and is highly effective in eliminating the noise created from waves slapping against the boat.

The Slap silencer Installs in minutes, dries quickly and stores easily

Modern  reverse transoms and aft staterooms in sailboats are convenient and spacious, but  the noise of waves slapping the hull is downright annoying! Powerboats have a similar situation where staterooms are located in the bow of the boat.

Developed by long-time sailor Jeff Andersen, the concept and design cater to those who seek peaceful slumbers on boats, in the ocean, on an anchor or tied to a mooring.

reduce aft cabin wave noise with slap silencer
eliminate transom slap on wide transom boats

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